Waking up sweating
Feet heart are pooling
Eyes die dilating
Living in fear
Girls with their idol
Youthly eyes gleaming
Thrill becomes terror
Living in fear
Boyfriend & colleague
Grandma & husband
Drink at the market
Living in fear
Hypocrite podium
Policing the internet
Shut down the haters
Living in fear
Collective felt trauma
Nation in mourning
Trying to get on with it
Living in fear
Stockpiling medicine
Slicing an artery
Staying indoors again
Living in fear
That’s what is wanted
People live frozen
Paralysed broken
Living in fear
Collecting our grieving
Singing the pain waves
Agony outwards
Living out fear
Purge all the pain out
Feel it all feel it
Feels like it kills you
Live throughout fear
Joke of the ether
Generational karma
Purge all the pain out
Purge all the fear
World is awakening
Seeing through everything
Talking & listening
Hear all the fear
Fear is paralysis
Purge it dislodge it
Meld us together
Unite against fear
© xmab 2017