I’m sorry (not sorry)

I’m sorry (not sorry)
for thinking
for breathing
for feeling
for bleeding
I’m sorry (not sorry)
for taking up space
as you manspread your legs
and squash me in corners
again and again
I’m sorry (not sorry)
for ugly
not pretty
for showing my bareness
my un-makedup face
my bare naked eyebrows
bare eyelids
bare lips
I’m sorry (not sorry)
for madness
for screaming
for hairpulling rage
against terror and despots
and war and burned children
I’m sorry (not sorry)
I make you uneasy
my words
pull a trigger
and pow
then they hit you
just right in the eye
I’m sorry (not sorry)
#metoo is a Thing
and we’re coming
we’re here
and we’re fierce
and we’re warriors
a tsunami of rage
is undamned and unleashed
no stopping no stopper
can’t put this wild genie
back into her bottle
we’re out and we’re loud
and we’re raging and screaming
I’m sorry (not sorry)
the fire and the terror
and the sludge of my self
is now out, is all out
for allkind to see
I’m sorry (not sorry)
not pretty
I’m not
I’m not here
as an object
to look at and coo
I’m sorry (not sorry)
I’m love
I am power
I’m forceful
and furious, so furious
beware, oh beware
I’m sorry
not sorry
oh no
but you may be
and when you are sorry
I’m here
© xmab 20.i.18
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