The Burning Times

Three hundred years
Mother against daughter
Daughter against mother
Can I trust you?

Will you turn on me
Send me to the men
In robes who decide
If I burn?

Locked into our memories
One shines, speaks out
Another spits, how dare she
Who does she think she is?

We are not burned now
Not in flames in the West
But there are girls who are still
Hunted as witches

Tortured and flayed
As an example
To keep everyone
In check, lock-step

But words burn
When we say #metoo
#timesup we don’t know
If we’ll get applause

Or a death threat
Delivered neatly
In a comment
On Facebook

The Burning Times
Live on in the guise
Of a President
Who says just take

Don’t ask
She’s a six out of ten
A pig, blood coming
Out of her eyes

We are burning
But we are burning
The lies, the pain

The fear that has kept us
For centuries

Steeped within groups
Of women who bitch
Behind backs

We can’t turn on each other
Even if turning towards
Feels like an exposure
A mortal risk

My heart burns
With these words
As I’m lancing a wound
That is ancient

Will you burn
With me?

© xmab 9.ii.18