Witch hunt

You bitch it’s a witch hunt
I’m innocent, see
You say that I’ve done this
Your word against me
I took you I shook you
I did what I pleased
You’re objects of pleasure
For wild, messy greed
You bitch it’s a witch hunt
I’m a big cheese you know
I’ll grind you to nothing
I’ll burn you to show
You slag, whore, you cunt
It’s all over the news
My hand on your leg
And my cock … it’s not true
You bitch it’s a witch hunt
Just take it all back
I’m losing my stature
Just cut me some slack
It’s getting quite nasty
I’m begging you please
My job, reputation
I am a big cheese
You bitch it’s a witch hunt
I’m sorry, I am
I thought that you wanted it
Wham, bam, thanks ma’am
My wife has now left me
I’m down on my knees
I’m pleading I’m sobbing
I’m begging you please
You bitch it’s a witch hunt
You’ve broken me now
It wasn’t my fault
I’m addicted you know
I’m starting to see how
I will make amends
Therapy, anything
Can we be friends?
You bitch it’s a witch hunt
I made a mistake
What all the lads did then
Now I know it’s fake
My life is in tatters
I’m shattered, face-down
I see how my actions, they
Brought you all down
You bitch it’s a witch hunt
You all say #metoo
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry
It’s true
I made a mistake
A thousand times over
Forgive me, I’ve wounded
Your soul now for good
I’ve nothing right now
But my shame and my guilt
Repenting forever
I know that I should
I called you those names
But those names are for me
It is not a witch hunt
Disgraced now, that’s me
© xmab 22.i.18
This poem is also featured on Rebelle Society